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Managing a payroll is not just about processing monthly salaries for the staff members. As a business owner, you are liable for filing statutory returns to the authorities. Without expert knowledge, it can be possible that one or more of these statutory requirements are overlooked, resulting in penalties from the relevant authorities.

We are able to manage these processes for you, ensuring that your staff are not only paid on time, but your reporting systems are correct and compliant.

We offer various payroll and remuneration services, including statutory compliance, as follows:

  • Issuing of a monthly or weekly employee payslip
  • Consulting & structuring of employee benefits
  • Registration for PAYE, UIF & SDL
  • Monthly PAYE, UIF & SDL return submissions (EMP201)
  • PAYE bi-annual reconciliation of tax deductions and tax certificates (EMP501)
  • Issuing of IRP5 & IT3 certificates annually


VIP Payroll

Recognised as a leader in the Payroll industry in southern Africa, VIP Payroll is renowned for quality software that caters for any size organisation, from small businesses to corporate enterprises. The flexibility and expandability of VIP’s products allow us to customize an accounting solution for your business needs. Throughout southern Africa, millions of people receive a VIP produced payslip each month.

Payslip handling and employee benefits

We deal with employees’ salaries, tax and insurance deductions for their monthly payslips. With the exception of wages and salaries, employee benefits are the primary tools by which employers attract and retain qualified personnel for their organisations. If you are one of these employers that provide a variety of employee benefits or packages, we can structure, consult and calculate this for your company.

Registration and submission for PAYE, UIF and SDL through SARS can also be handled by Dynamic Accounting Services. In fact, most SARS company requirements can be dealt with by us. Partnering with Dynamic Accounting allows you to concentrate on running your business while we carry on with your company’s accounting.

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