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Assure your company is annually compliant and legislation is met by appointing Dynamic Accounting as your company secretarial. We have the experience and qualifications to meet the needs of your company when it comes to: registering your company, making amendments in line with restructuring and bookkeeping.

Registering a company

When starting a business, the first task is to properly register a company. Not only can Dynamic Accounting do this for you through the proper channels, but we can also make future amendments to the registration as your company shifts and grows. 

  • Company formations: includes private companies, non-profit companies with members, and non-profit companies without members

Company Amendments and Restructuring

Appoint Dynamic Accounting as your trusted company secretarial when amendments are required and restructuring occurs in your company, for example:

  • Directorships: appointment and resignation of individuals as directors
  • Transfer of shares
  • Ordinary resolutions (director and shareholder)
  • Adoption of memorandum of incorporation

Updating shelf company records

Is your shelf company shifting, growing and changing? Let us update the necessary details of Directors, Shareholders, Appointment of Auditors, Secretary, Registered Office and Year-End.


Rest assured with us that your company’s financial affairs are maintained, accounts are tracked and procedures are accurately verified when financial transactions are recorded.
We offer the following bookkeeping services:

  • Change in year-end: change of year-end of company with both the CIPC and SARS
  • Preparation and adoption of special resolutions: to be filed with CIPC or not
  • Submission of annual returns to CIPC
  • Various registrations with the South African Revenue Service

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) promotes the compliance of relevant legislation applying to businesses. A company’s financial reporting is monitored by the CIPC to ensure standards are met. Therefore it is important to disclose and submit accurate information. Dynamic accounting’s company secretarial services will keep your records and reports in order and ensure these standards are met. The same goes for your company’s obligations to SARS and complying with South African tax laws.

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